Youth Support Services



• Providing a range of services to young people for their self-development and growth.
• To strengthen youth friendly services, sustain existing programmes, develop and implement appropriate programmes for the youth.


Other services Available

➢ Internet browsing
➢ Typing Service/ Computer usage
➢ Basic computer skills
➢ Printing/Photocopy facility
➢ Scanning/laminating
➢ Study Facility

Location of Youth Services Bureaus

  • Anse Etoile
  • Anse Royale
  • La Digue

Research & Information Unit


  • Keep record & documentations for all SNYC activities and Programmes
  • Focal point of information
  • Collate, synopsize & collect printed materials for reference
  • Provide reliable and accurate information

Youth Services Bureau

• Facilitate access to available/ necessary information
• Provide clients with assistance and necessary contacts with other stakeholders
• Provide setting where young people can channel concerns pertaining to them

Programmes on Offer

• Youth and Technology
• Tips to success
• I.C.T Club


Counselling Services


• Provide specific therapeutic interventions and youths, adults and families
• Conduct sessions for the adolescents, youths, adults and families vulnerable groups including wellness center, Mont Royale, community, homeless, orphanages
• Provide group counselling to adolescents, youths, adults and families, vulnerable groups
• Provide support and training to the staff or organizations
• Provide grief & loss & crisis counselling

How to access the counseling services

A young person wishing to access the service may contact the centre directly to make an appointment, drop in, or may be referred by Parent, Guardian, Teachers and Agencies or Ministries

How to find us:

Sacos Tower
Tel: 4611350 / 4611356