Employment Initiative

Youth Employment Initiative


The Youth Employment Initiative Unit within the Programme Development Section has been set up to promote and raise awareness on employment opportunities, productivity and implement quality programmes and projects to address concerns of youth employment.



To contribute to the development of new work ethics and a positive attitude to work in the family, among the youth and in the community at large.



To sensitise the youth on and encourage them to use training, employment and business development opportunities at their disposal.



To promote sustainable microenterprises/business among young people with business acumen.


To encourage the institutionalisation of entrepreneurship development in the school curriculum.


To provide support to youth initiatives in the area of self employment and small business development.


To create vocational opportunities to the youth.


To network with other local and international bodies involved with youth entrepreneurship programmes.


  • Map out the understanding of the country’s initiative in regards to youth employment, macroeconomic policies and legal frameworks, physical infrastructures and appropriate systems for potential incentives.
  • Carry out surveys at community level to highlight the real causes/circumstances/number of unemployed youth.
  • Gather strong practical evidence on the employment development characteristic as method to better focus on youth employment and ensure that provision for formalities are also enshrined Youth Policies.
  • Facilitate procedures that will bring together the Government’s departments related to employment, parastatals and private sector organisations to learn from each other, share experiences, network and benchmark, against one another and to design and implement programmes and policies that are aimed at promoting youth employment at various levels.
  • Provide young people with appropriate skills that will help them gain sufficient knowledge and become potential entrepreneurs as well as enable them to compete in the local and international markets.
  • Provide young people with smart role models in form of business mentors to further encourage the young future entrepreneurs to excel in various lines of businesses.
  • Reach out to young people through appropriate medium especially to the secondary and post secondary institutions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training, procedures and strategies that are linked to main objectives of youth employment.
  • Develop and strengthen the market outlets of youth employment through modern technology, for example websites.
  • Promote project clubs in primary, secondary and post secondary schools to stimulate interests that will lead to the creation of small jobs oriented at the early age.