Young Citizens (YC) Public Speaking Competition under theme “I Love Seychelles”


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Twenty one young citizen members participated in a public speaking competition on Saturday 9th July 2016 at the Belonie Secondary School organised by the Young Citizens Office.

Praslin Team

The aim of the competition was to give the YC members an opportunity to express their views on the national theme of the year: “I love Seychelles”. There were seven secondary teams altogether including one from Praslin.

The winner of the competition was Mont Fleuri followed by Anse Boileau in second place and Belonie Secondary School in third position.


There was also a special prize for the best speakers. Zerane Ah-Kong from the Belonie Secondary School was awarded the prize for best chairperson. Kelly Mathiot was nominated as the best main speaker and she is a student of Mont Fleuri Secondary School. The best proposer of vote of thanks was awarded to Alissa Dogley from the Anse Boileau Secondary School.

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