Steps to becoming an Affiliated Member of the Seychelles National Youth Council


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In the spirit of assisting more youth led organisations, the Board of the Seychelles National Youth Council has adopted a brand new guideline for potential youth groups to register as affiliated members of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC).

This was announced during the Annual General Meeting of SNYC which was held on the 21st May 2016. In his opening remarks the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ziggy Adam, announced that this new guideline will essentially guide youth groups in Seychelles on how to be accredited on the council as an affiliated member and vice versa. He noted that this new method gives legitimacy and allows the council to keep record of its members.

This Comprehensive document gives a step by step explanation of the procedure that youth groups will need to follow to apply to be a member of the council.

How to Apply?

Firstly, youth organisations need to get in touch with the Youth Council, ideally located at Orion Mall in Victoria or their youth workers in their respective district in order to get an application form, which can be downloaded from below.

Form_ Affiliated Members

After completing the application form, the youth group can then submit it, along with accompanying documents to the office of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SNYC, at the council’s headquarters.

What Happens Next?

After submitting your application form it will be considered by a vetting Committee. This committee is responsible to ensure that all the applicants meets the required criteria to be accredited as an affiliated member. To note, the vetting committee is made up of Board Members of the Council and a member of the executive of SNYC and they only meet once every three months.

Following the vetting exercise, successful applicants will be informed. They will then be presented with a certificate and a membership card. In addition, they will also feature on the Council’s membership database.

 What are the Benefits?

 The primary benefit of being an affiliated member is that it widens the opportunity for different youth groups with varying interest to be more involved in the work of the council. Additionally, It opens up new avenues which will allow them to be more involved in the decision making process of the council. Below is a short list of some of the benefits of being an affiliated member;

 Affiliated Members can:

  • participate and vote during the AGM
  • be elected on the Board of Directors
  • participate and assist in the organization of activities
  • benefit from SNYC services and facilities (internet centres/ youth cards / etc.…)

As the Seychelles National Youth Council continues to grow to become a true reflection of what the youth of Seychelles wants it to be, it is undeniably an exciting time to apply to become an affiliated member. Thus, reinforcing the statement made by the chairperson of the Board of the Youth Council Mr. Adam, ‘Nothing about us, without us’.

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