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Terms and Conditions

By entering the Mobile App Competition, you accept the terms and conditions of the Competition as outlined below and the decisions of the judges.

Competition time

  1. The Competition will be open from 31st of January at 12.00 noon and the closing deadline is 24th February at 8 am.
  2. You need to submit a final product in order to be eligible for the participation certificates.
  3. The University reserves the right to change the Deadline or stop the Competition at any time without prior notice, however such changes will only be where the University is forced to do so for reasons outside of its reasonable control. The University shall not be liable for any liability arising from any amendment or cancellation.



  1. The participants are liable for any damaged, that they are done to the University resources.
  2. The university will provide one-day workshop about android app development.



  1. Each Prize will be awarded to the winning entrant(s) only and is non-transferable.


Final Assessment

  1. The official judging team comprising of DICT, SNYC and Unisey will have the final say on any matters which are disputable and the University is not required to give reasons for its decisions relating to this Competition.
  2. The judging panel decision will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into with entrants.
  3. The judges will evaluate the product based on final product and the final presentation will help to increase your marks.
  4. Winners will be announced on 24th February after 12.00 noon during the closing ceremony.
  5. The University accepts no responsibility for entries which are lost or delayed and/or not received by the Deadline.
  6. If you attempt to compromise the integrity or the legitimate operation of this Contest by hacking or by cheating or committing fraud in ANY way, we may seek damages from you to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  7. The final decision is based on the final product, documentation, assessment criteria and the final presentation.


Final Submission

  1. With regard to Content submissions, you understand and agree that you are solely and fully responsible for any and all aspects of the Content submitted, including but not limited to its legality, appropriateness and non-infringement of third party intellectual property rights and the organizers shall not be liable in any way for such Content.
  2. There should be a working copy of your product and it should be installed in a mobile phone for the final evaluation (apk file).
  3. The final product with the source code is owned by SNYC and you may need to do any slight modifications as per the request by them.
  4. You need to present your product to the judges on 24th February 8.00 am onwards; everyone will get a chance to highlight your plus points to increase the final mark.
  5. If your application has a server component, submission of that server package is not required. But it is your responsibility to make sure the server is running and available during the judgment period so application is functional during evaluation.
  6. The winners need to present their applications to the audience during the closing ceremony on 24th February afternoon.
  7. By entering this Competition, you hereby warrant that all information and documentation submitted by you in your Competition Entry is true, accurate and complete in every respect.


Important Forms to Download:

Registration form for the Android Workshop

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