Seychelles National Youth Assembly

The Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) is an educational forum, which aims at providing its members with the opportunity to nurture their knowledge and learning, as well as enabling them to develop their search and speaking skills. It is a non political forum.

Role of an SNYA Member

As a member, one has the role to represent and put forward the opinions of the youths of the different districts and/or institutions being represented by the member.

How do I become an SNYA member?

You must be a Seychellois national between the ages of 15 to 30 and must:

  • be an active member of a Registered Youth Organization
  • not have a criminal record
  • have a sound academic background
  • be able to communicate in the three national languages

The will be 35 members, and there will be:

  • One representative from each of the 25 districts
  • Four representatives from the post – secondary institutions
  • Five representatives from the secondary schools
  • One representative of the Seychelles National Youth Council

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Interested candidates fulfilling criteria must submit their applications to their respective Youth Development Officer or Chairperson of the District Youth Committee (DYC)

Applications are given consideration by the student committees of the institutions, and submitted for recommendations to the institution’s Director for approval.

Applications are given considerations by the student committees of the schools and submit recommendations to the head teacher for approval.

The tenure of all members of the SNYA is for a period of one year during which they conduct debate on motions, which relate to youth concerns, interests and aspirations.

These committees are being formed within the SNYA, to meet occasionally to attend to issues of a special nature.

Rules of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA)

  • A member of the Youth Assembly should always be committed to the duties and responsibilities of the parliament.
  • Any member can ask questions regarding issues not related to the respective district and / or institution they are representing.
  • A member of the Youth Assembly cannot be replaced in the House and any activity directly related to the Youth Assembly.
  • The sittings should be for the Youth Parliament member only. There should not be any intervention from any other person during the sittings.
  • No member is allowed to answer telephone calls during sittings. All telephones should be kept in silent.
  • Upon entering and leaving the House, a member has to bow to the Chair as a sign of respect.
  • The Speaker, Clerk and Deputy Clerk may not leave the House during sitting and does not have the right to vote for or against a motion.

Activities and events offered by Seychelles National Youth Assembly

  • Sittings
  • AYouth Voices
  • Designing Magazine / brochures for the SNYA
  • Public Speaking Contest
  • Youth Exchange (Chatting through internet with local & international organizations).
  • Workshop to formulate questionnaire (Identifying Youth trends)
  • National Youth Conference
  • Exhibition promoting traditions alongside Modern Technology
  • Cultural Evolution in the eyes of the Youth
  • Compilation of the Conference Findings
  • Programmes’ Evaluation