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The 16th cohort of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly held its 6th sitting session on Saturday the 8th February 2020 wherein three motions were unanimously approved.

Jean Luc Adrienne,member for Anse Etoile District

Jean Luc Adrienne,member for Anse Etoile District

The 1st motion tabled, proposed that government, national assembly and all other concerned departments profoundly consider children’s rights and responsibilities while revising the law on corporal punishment. The motion was brought forward by honorable Jean Luc Adrienne, representative of the Anse Etoile district. During his intervention, Honorable Adrienne stated that there is need to eliminate confusion that currently exists between children, parents and caretakers’ rights most notably when it comes to capital punishment. He acknowledges that children should not be physically abused but it is important for parents and caregivers to instill discipline in children at a very young age. This will ensure that they become responsible individuals.

Mr. Adrienne also stated that several interventions are being carried out but there is a lack of visibility. He urges partners to emphasize on studies in schools. Secondly, more work should be done to equip parents and care givers with proper techniques as a result child will be appropriately brought up.“It is important to note that that there are some youths with more problematic behaviors than others, and this demand a specialized center where they can be monitored “said Mr. Adrienne rounded up his intervention.

The motion was seconded by Ms. Romakira Gontier, who also proposed tangible solutions and that a national campaign be implemented where the limits of each children, parents, caretakers are well define and awareness and practical sessions on how to implement the law is given to each party.

Annia Marengo

Annia Marengo, member for Maritime Training Center

The second motion to be approved unanimously proposed to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Department and other partners to join forces to organize activities relating to sustainable ocean, so as to encourage youth engagement in this area.” The earlier a youth develop an understanding of the blue economy, the earlier they can become interested to become an advocate and promote sustainable activities and also denounce activities that are not considered sustainable or Eco-friendly.” Stated   Ms. Keisha Meriton in her intervention as she recounted Seychelles’ effort in the blue economy and its status as a champion for such.

Honorable Meriton also proposed that that department of education incorporate the concept in the school curriculum to ensure that more citizens are knowledgeable about the subject and to support other organizations that are working to promote and develop the blue economy. The second motion was tabled by Annia Marengo member for Maritime training Academy.


Curtis Nolin,member for Roche Caiman District

Curtis Nolin,member for Roche Caiman District

The third motion to be approved proposed to the Minister of Employment to continuously monitor youths on my first job programme, so as to ensure that their contract/agreement are being properly adhered to, thus prevent abuse. The motion was tabled by Curtis Nolin member for Roche Caiman district.

The 16th cohort of the SNYA will complete their mandate after their last siting session scheduled for the 22nd February which will take place on Praslin.



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