The Positive Youth Award started as a program during the Youth Festival in 1999 and with demand and appreciation it became a National program on its own.



The purpose of the Seychelles Positive Youth Award is to celebrate,acknowledge and recognize young people,aged 15-30 years,who have make positive contributions and differences in their school and community lives. it is part of a programme to strengthen the organizations commitment to creating a learning and living environment that encourages positive outcomes from students and youth in the communities.

Moreover,the incentives and recognition are to reinforce the motivation of members and volunteers to participate, create and achieve in the school and community lives,also to underscore a sense of belonging and being valued in the school and community.

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The students/youths being recognized each year are chosen by their principles and District Authorities for demonstrating the will to succeed,the dedication to finish what they started,and the commitment to continuously support their fellow colleagues and their local communities.