Inner Islands Unit

Inner Islands Unit

To ensure that youth concerns and interests are effectively addressed at national level, the Inner Islands Unit is responsible for the day to day implementation of youth programmes as well as the administration and operation of the Youth Services Bureau on Praslin and the Internet Cafés on both Praslin and La Digue. Programmes and services are in line with the Council’s plan of action and are being implemented through a regional Youth Officer, youth yorkers and Information Assistant.


To ensure the day to day administration and operation of the Inner Islands Youth Development Programme, Youth Centre, Internet Café and Young Citizen Movement Programme.


  • Coordinate and ensure the effective operation of the Young Citizens Programme and the President’s Award Programme
  • Ensure proper networking with all youth agencies including NGOS for the Inner Islands
  • Ensure that the Youth Centre has an ongoing and consistent socio-educational animation programme
  • Ensure the effective development of outreach and networking programmes from the National Youth Centre to other local youth clubs
  • Ensure the functioning of an effective Youth Services Bureau, Counseling bureau and multi media centre.
  • Ensure that areas of youth concern and interests are effectively researched, documented and information collected can be accessed by other youth related, organisations
  • Provide the relevant technical and scientific support to other youth programmes organised by the SNYC and other youth organisations