Community Youth Unit

The Community Youth Unit aims at elaborating and implementing programmes to ensure youth’s integration in the community, their wholesome development and preservation and promotion of our cultural identity.


  • To organise activities for specific needs and interests, as well as promote the cause of well-being of the youth.]

  • To empower the youth group to initiate, develop and implement programmes and projects to address the needs of their members and their community.

  • To instill in the youth the sense of patriotism (of belonging to their community and country).

  • To create the positive environment in the community, which will help the young people to achieve and progress in their life.

  • To create the opportunity to enable the youth to participate and influence decision making at various levels in the community.

  • To promote our cultural heritage.

  • To sensitise the youth and encourage them to use training employment and business development opportunities at their disposal.


  • Promote the spirit of initiative and creativity for youth development.

  • Organise mass mobilisation activities at sub-district, district, regional and national level.

  • Establish strong relationship with strategic partners.

  • Provide new opportunities and support for self-development.

  • Consolidate working relationship with ministries and organisations involved with youth employment and entrepreneurship.

  • Develop the spirit of enterprise amongst the youth.

  • Continuously develop proper mechanisms for the recognition of initiatives, perseverance and pursuit of excellence by the youth.

  • Empower the youth to participate in the country’s development process.

  • Further develop the holiday job programme.

  • Organise training for Youth Workers.

  • Increase the competency level of other staff.