Respond with all your Ability


“Be Bold, Be Cool, Be Determined, Be Focused and most of all Be Responsible in whatever you endeavor this year”

Infused by the value of responsibility, the Seychelles National Youth Council is more determined to see its Values Programme blossom even more in 2016. We are convinced that this can only be achieved through the concerted effort of one and all.

It is for this reason that this year, we have gone back to the source to work with the families. Little do we realise that the family remains the cradle where those values and virtues originate and are nurtured to become part of our everyday life.

For the past two years we have hosted a number of major youth events and activities thanks to the assistance and collaboration of several partners, to which we remain forever grateful.

During this month we want to reiterate that the family is the first unit responsible to pass on the good living values to their child… this can be further strengthened and sustained by educational institutions, the workplace, the church and the community, but it is primarily the role of the family.

Our organisation will provide the necessary support to help you and your family to live the value of responsibility to the fullest during the month of January and other values to be dedicated this year. For a start we know that there is no better way of helping a child to be responsible than by leading by good examples.